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INTEL PLATINUM 8260M 24C 2.4GHz 35.75MB 165W
Compatibility: SRF9J/XY239
INTEL Xeon Platinum 8260L 24C 2.4GHz 35.75MB 165W
Compatibility: SRF9G/CWDV3
SKU: 00WH318-ref
LENOVO X6 Compute Book E7-8867 v4 18C 2.4GHz 165W
Compatibility: E7-8867V4/SR2S6
SKU: GOLD6258R-ref
INTEL Xeon Gold 6258R 28C 2.7Ghz 38.5MB 205W Processor
Compatibility: SRGZF/CD8069504449301
SKU: GOLD6246R-ref
INTEL Xeon Gold 6246R 16C 3.4Ghz 35.75MB 205W Processor
Compatibility: SRGZL/CD8069504449801
SKU: GOLD6250-ref
INTEL Xeon Gold 6250 16C 3.9Ghz 35.75MB 185W Processor
Compatibility: SRGTR/CD8069504425402
SKU: GOLD6244-ref
INTEL Intel Xeon Gold 6244 3.6GHz, 8C, 150W CPU
Compatibility: SRF8Z/CD8069504194202/UCS-CPU-I6244/DYVK1/XYWR5/338-BSGX/338-BSTC
SKU: 00E1750-ref
IBM Power 7 System backplane
Compatibility: 00E2737/2B2D
SKU: GOLD6248R-ref
INTEL Xeon Gold 6248R 24C 3.0GHz 35.75MB 205W
Compatibility: SRGZG/CD8069504449401
SKU: SR3TR-ref
CISCO Xeon Gold 6144 8C 3.5GHz 24.75MB 150W
Compatibility: UCS-CPU-6144
SKU: E7-8890V4-ref
INTEL Xeon E7-8890V4 24C 2.2GHz 60MB 165W Processor
Compatibility: SR2SS/CM8066902885200/845009-001/00MT492
SKU: GOLD6262V-ref
INTEL Xeon Gold 6262V 24C 1.9Ghz 33MB 135W Processor
Compatibility: SRFQ4/CD8069504285004
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SKU: 874734-001-ref
HP Intel Xeon Gold 6140 18c 2.30GHz CPU
Compatibility: GOLD 6140/SR3AX/BX806736140/CD8067303405200
SKU: E5-2687WV4-HP-ref
HP CPU E5-2687Wv4 12-Core
Compatibility: E5-2687WV4/SR2NA/CM8066002042802/817957-B21/817957-L21
SKU: GOLD6234-ref
INTEL Intel Xeon Gold 6234 3.3Hz 8C 130W Processor
Compatibility: SRFPN/CD8069504283304/BX806956234
SKU: GOLD5220-ref
INTEL Xeon Gold 5220 18C 2.2Ghz 24.75MB 125W Processor
Compatibility: SRFBJ/CD8069504214601
SKU: 9117-7387-ref
IBM 4.4Ghz 0/2-Core POWER6 Processor Card
Compatibility: 46K7217/46K6624/46K7180/7387/53EA
SKU: 9406-2164-ref
IBM iSeries proc 210CPW for 9406-170
Compatibility: 91H4094/21P5094/2164
SKU: GOLD5217-ref
INTEL Xeon Gold 5217 8C 3.0GHz 11MB 115W
Compatibility: SRFBF/CD8069504214302
SKU: 5462-C2G
LENOVO x3650 M5 6C E5-2620v3/1x16Gb/2.5
SKU: 5463-NDG
LENOVO x3550 M5 X8C E5-2630v3/16GB/HS/2.5/M5210/550W
SKU: 81Y7117
IBM LENOVO CPU XEON E5-2640 V3 2.6GHz 8C LGA2011 20MB
Compatibility: E5-2640 V3
SKU: GOLD5220R-ref
Compatibility: SRGZP/CD8069504451301
SKU: GOLD6128-ref
INTEL Xeon Gold 6128 6C 3.4GHz 19.2MB 115W Processor
Compatibility: SR3J4/CD8067303592600
SKU: E5-2667V4-HP-ref
HP CPU E5-2667V4 10-Core
Compatibility: E5-2667V4/SR2P5/CM8066002041900/819850-L21/819850-B21/835613-001
SKU: GOLD5222-ref
INTEL Xeon Gold 5222 4C 3.8Ghz 16.5MB 105W Processor
Compatibility: SRF8V/CD8069504193501
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SKU: GOLD6146-ref
INTEL Xeon Gold 6146 12C 3.2GHz 24.7MB 165W Processor
Compatibility: SR3MA/CD8067303657201
CISCO UCS Blade Server M6 GPU HW GRID 2.0SW reqd for VDI
INTEL Xeon Platinum 8168 24C 2.7GHz 33MB 205W 2666MHz
Compatibility: SR37J/CD8067303327701/01KR004
SKU: UCS-CPU-E52697E-ref
CISCO 2.30 GHz E5-2697 v4/145W 18C/45MB Cache/DDR4 2400M
Compatibility: E5-2697V4/SR2JV/00YD968/BX80660E52697V4/CM8066002023907
SKU: GOLD5218-ref
INTEL Xeon Gold 5218 16C 2.3GHz 22MB 125W Processor
Compatibility: SRF8T/CD8069504193301/BX806955218
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SKU: GOLD5218R-ref
INTEL Xeon Gold 5218R 20C 2.10Ghz 27.5MB 125W Processor
Compatibility: SRGZ7/CD8069504446300
SKU: SR3GD-ref
LENOVO Intel Xeon Gold 5120 14C 2.2GHz 105W Processor
Compatibility: 5120/XEONGOLD5120/CD8067303535900/BX806735120/01KR026/875718-001/52GXW/338-BLUB/V26808-B9173-V18
SKU: SR3GF-ref
LENOVO Xeon Gold 5118 12C 2.3GHz 16.5MB 105W Processor
Compatibility: GOLD5118/CD8067303536100/01KR043/875717-001/V4VR9/338-BLTZ/V26808-B9173-V17/38057646
SKU: 42R7373-ref
IBM 1.9GHz 2-Way Power5+ Processor Card
Compatibility: 39J4045/39J4240/42R7374/42R4526/42R5852/42R6413/44V2735/8330/53C4
SKU: GOLD5215-ref
INTEL Xeon Gold 5215 10C 2.5GHz 13.75MB 85W Processor
Compatibility: SRFBC/CD8069504214002
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SKU: GOLD6230-ref
INTEL Xeon Gold 6230 20C 2.1GHz 27.5MB 125W Processor
Compatibility: SRF8W/CD8069504193701
SKU: GOLD5118-HP-ref
HP CPU Gold5118 12-Core
Compatibility: GOLD5118/SR3GF/CD8067303536100
SKU: EPX0-ref
IBM 3.02GHz 6-Core POWER8 Processor Card
SKU: 42R7430-ref
IBM backplane 1 core 2.1GHz eServer 9131-52A
Compatibility: 42R5864/42R7406/44V7430/44V2792/44V2793/5326/8315/53B8
SKU: 00AE694-ref
IBM Intel Xeon Proc E5-2667 V3 8C 3.2GHz 20MB 135W
SKU: GOLD6144-ref
INTEL Xeon Gold 6144 8C 3.5GHz 27.5MB 150W Processor
Compatibility: SR3TR/CD8067303657302/UCS-CPU-6144
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SKU: 9117-7782-ref
IBM 2-Way 1.9 GHz POWER5+ Proc Card DDR2
Compatibility: 10N7709/10N7721/10N8011/10N8589/39J4649/42R5230/42R5232/7782/53C8
SKU: GOLD6136-ref
INTEL Xeon Gold 6136 12C 3.0GHz 24.7MB 150W Processor
Compatibility: SR3B2/CD8067303405800
SKU: UCS-CPU-E52699D-ref
CISCO 2.30 GHz E5-2699 v3/145W 18C/45MB Cache/DDR4 2133M
Compatibility: E5-2699V3/7095106/SR1XD/1F03K
SKU: 817959-B21
HP Xeon E5-2690V4 14C 2.6GHz 35MB 135W Processor Kit
SKU: 817959-B21-ref
HP Xeon E5-2690V4 14C 2.6GHz 35MB 135W Processor Kit
SKU: 46K6798-ref
IBM 8406-71Y system board 8C, 3.0, PS701
SKU: GOLD6154-ref
INTEL Xeon Gold 6154 18C 3GHz 24.7MB 200W Processor
Compatibility: SR3J5/CD8067303592700/UCS-CPU-6154
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SKU: 835615-001-ref
HP Intel E5-2695v4 18c 2.1Ghz CPU
Compatibility: SR2J1/E5-2695 V4
INTEL Xeon Platinum 8156 4C 3.6GHz 16.5MB 105W Processor
Compatibility: SR3AV/CD8067303368800/UCS-CPU-8156
SKU: 724087-B21-ref
HP BL460C GEN8 E5-2609V2 1P 16GB
Compatibility: E5-2609V2/SR1AX/BL460CGEN8/BL460CG8
SKU: 00YD972-ref
LENOVO Xeon E5-2650v4 12C 2.2GHz 30MB 105W Processor
Compatibility: E5-2650V4/SR2N3/CM8066002031103/BX80660E52650V4/E5-2650V4 LENOVO
SKU: GOLD6134-ref
INTEL Xeon Gold 6134 8C 3.2GHz 24.7MB 130W Processor
Compatibility: SR3AR/CD8067303330302/NFXK9
SKU: GOLD6148-ref
INTEL Xeon Gold 6148 20C 2.4GHz 27.5MB 150W Processor
Compatibility: SR3B6/CD8067303406200
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SKU: E5-2687WV4-ref
INTEL Xeon E5-2687WV4 12C 3.0GHz 30MB 160W Processor
Compatibility: SR2NA/CM8066002042802
INTEL Xeon Platinum 8160 24C 2.1GHz 33MB 150W Processor
Compatibility: SR3B0/CD8067303405600
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SKU: SILVER4214-ref
HP Xeon Silver 4214 12C 2.20GHz 16.5MB 85W Processor
Compatibility: SRFB9/P02493-B21/CD8069504212601/P02493-L21/H5P8G
SKU: GOLD6152-ref
INTEL Xeon Gold 6152 22C 2.1GHz 30.2MB 140W Processor
Compatibility: SR3B4/CD8067303406000
SKU: SILVER4216-ref
Compatibility: SRFBB/CD8069504213901/BX806954216
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SKU: E5-2640V4 IBM-ref
IBM E5-2640 v4 10C 2.4GHz 25MB Cache 2133MHz 90W
Compatibility: SR2NZ/00YD973/818176-L21
SKU: 762450-001-ref
HP E5-2670v3 12 Core 2.30Ghz CPU
Compatibility: E5-2670V3/SR1XS
SKU: 46K6957-ref
IBM 4.7GHz 2-Core POWER6 Processor Card
Compatibility: 74Y1883/46K8101/74Y3635/5577/53EE
SKU: SILVER4214R-ref
INTEL Xeon Silver 4214R 12C 2.4GHz 16.5MB 100W Processor
Compatibility: SRG1W/CD8069504343701/BX806954214R
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SKU: GOLD5122-ref
HP Xeon Gold 5122 4C 3.6GHz 16.5MB 105W Processor
Compatibility: SR3AT/CD8067303330702
SKU: 81Y7116
Compatibility: IBM E5-2630 V3
SKU: GOLD6134M-ref
INTEL Xeon Gold 6134M 8C 3.2GHz 24.7MB 130W Processor
Compatibility: SR3AS/CD8067303330402
SKU: 00KA068
IBM Addl Intel Xeon Processor E5-2630 v3 8C 2.4GHz 20MB 1866MHz 85W
Socket: LGA 2011-v3  -  Processor frequency: 2.4GHz  -  CPU cores: 8  -  CPU threads: 16
SKU: GOLD6126-ref
INTEL Xeon Gold 6126 12C 2.6GHz 19.25MB 120W Processor
Compatibility: SR3B3/CD8067303405900/01KR040/02311XHK
SKU: GOLD6150-ref
HP Xeon Gold 6150 16C 2.7GHz 24.75MB 165W Processor
Compatibility: SR37K/CD8067303328000/UCS-CPU-6150/01KR013/J9C40
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SKU: E5-2660V4-ref
INTEL Xeon E5-2660V4 14C 2.0GHz 35MB 105W Processor
Compatibility: E5-2660V4/SR2N4/CM8066002031201/00YD971
EMC Isilon X200/S200 CPU+Heatsink kit
SKU: 32N1326-ref
IBM 1.9GHz 1-Core POWER5+ Processor Card - No L3 Cache
Compatibility: 10N6762/8289/53B1
SKU: 8231-EPC1-ref
IBM 3.0GHz 4-Core POWER7 Processor Module
Compatibility: 74Y8580/74Y8607/EPC5/EPC1/544A
SKU: 00KV833-ref
IBM 3.42GHz 10-Core POWER8 Processor
Compatibility: 54E8/00FX518/ELP2/EPXD/ELPD/54E8
SKU: EPYC7302P-ref
INTEL AMD Epyc 7302P 16C 3.0GHz 128MB 155W Processor
Compatibility: 7302P/100-100000049WOF/100-100000049
SKU: E5-2699V4-ref
INTEL Xeon E5-2699V4 22C 2.2GHz 55MB 145W Processor
Compatibility: SR2JS/CM8066002022506/00YD967
SKU: 81Y7114
IBM Intel Xeon E5-2609 v3 6C 1.9GHz 15MB 1600MHz 85W
Compatibility: E5-2609 V3
SKU: E5-2690V3 IBM-ref
IBM Xeon E3-2690 v3 12C 2.6GHz 30MB 2133MHz 135W
Compatibility: SR1XN/00AE682/E5-2690V3
SKU: GOLD6132-ref
HP Intel Xeon CPU Gold6132 14-Core
Compatibility: SR3J3/CD8067303592500/UCS-CPU-6132/PYJN7
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SKU: 00E7158-ref
IBM Processor VRM 2B4E 8231-E1C 8246-L1C 8268-E1D
Compatibility: 00FX411/00J0081/00J0252/00MK119/01AF396/01AF542/01AF881/2B4E
SKU: GOLD6142-ref
INTEL Xeon Gold 6142 16C 2.6GHz 22MB 150W Processor
Compatibility: SR3AY/CD8067303405400/BX806736142/01KR016/1JJHM
SKU: GOLD6140-ref
HP Xeon Gold 6140 18C 2.3GHz 24.7MB 140W Processor
Compatibility: SR3AX/CD8067303405200/UCS-CPU-6140
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SKU: 9117-7834-ref
IBM 2Way 1.5Ghz Processor Card
Compatibility: 03N5689/03N5801/80P4998/80P5161/80P5240/80P5241/80P7079/7834/26EF
SKU: 46K6966-ref
IBM 4.7GHz 4-WAY POWER6 System BLP 8 DIMM slots
Compatibility: 74Y1889/74Y3636/5587/53ED
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SKU: GOLD5120-ref
INTEL Xeon Gold 5120 14C 2.2GHz 19.25MB 105W Processor
Compatibility: SR3GD/CD8067303535900/BX806735120/01KR026/875718-001/52GXW/V26808-B9173-V18/338-BLUB
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SKU: SILVER4210-ref
INTEL Xeon Silver 4210 10C 2.20GHz 13.75MB 85W Processor
Compatibility: SRFBL/CD8069503956302/P02574-B21
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SKU: UCS-CPU-E52698D-ref
CISCO 2.30 GHz E5-2698 v3/135W 16C/40MB Cache/DDR4 2133M
Compatibility: E5-2698V3/SR1XE/00KJ035/CM8064401609800
SKU: SILVER4114-ref
INTEL CPU Silver4114 10-core
Compatibility: SR3GK/CD8067303561800/875713-001/826850-B21/UCS-CPU-4114/C6RY1
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