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SKU: C7497C-ref
HP DAT 40 SCSI Tape Drive
SKU: 5720-ref
IBM DVD/Tape SAS External Storage Unit
SKU: AP724A-ref
HPE HP StorageWorks RDX160 Removable Disk Backup Syste
SKU: DW085A-ref
HP StorageWorks Ultrium 448C Tape
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In stock 1
SKU: 8765-1NX-ref
IBM Rackmount Tape Drive Enclosure
Compatibility: 46C5355/87651NX/87651UX/8765HC1/2290
SKU: 9406-6384-ref
IBM 30GB 1/4" Cartridge Tape -SLR60
Compatibility: 19P4089/19P4090/39J5594/45E0667/45E0668/53P2385/95P1866/6384/63A0
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In stock 5
SKU: C1539-69202-ref
HP 4mm 4/8GB DDS2 Dat Internal SCSI Tape Drive
SKU: DW065A-ref
HP StorageWorks Ultrium 232 SCSI External
Compatibility: 390704-002/390704-001
SKU: 9406-4487-ref
IBM 50GB1/4TapeCartridgDriv840/830
Compatibility: 09L5276/04N2351/04N2567/39J5596/45E0670/95P1868/95P1869/4487/63A0
SKU: 7208-342-ref
IBM 8MM TAPE DRIVE 20/40GB External Mammoth
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In stock 1
SKU: 82XX-5619-ref
IBM 80GB/160GB DAT 160
Compatibility: 23R9723/23R9722/46C2688/46C2689/5619
SKU: 99Y3870-ref
IBM DAT160 USD Internal Tape Drive
Compatibility: 99Y3869/39M5636-DRIVEONLY
SKU: 59H4130-ref
IBM MLR3 25/50GB MLR3 W/ Tray For iSeries
Compatibility: 04N2566/6486/6386/63A0
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In stock 1
SKU: 59H3745-ref
IBM 4/8GB SLR5 QIC OpenPower 720 Internal 50p SCSI Tape Drive (Black)
Compatibility: SLR5/6382/6482/63A0
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In stock 1
SKU: 1991-ref
Compatibility: 18P7912/18P8779/95P1988
Showing 1-22 of 22 items

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