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SKU: 43W5825-ref
IBM X5355 2,66 GHz Quad Core Processor
Compatibility: X5355/SL9YM
SKU: 7871-CTO-ref
IBM - HS22V CTO blade
Compatibility: HS22V-CTO/81Y6006/7871-AC1/94Y5944/94Y5945
SKU: 8853-C2G-ref
IBM HS21 Bladeserver 2.33GHz QC X5345 2GB
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In stock 1
SKU: 8853-GLG-ref
IBM HS21 QC 2.5GHZ 4 GB / 8GB
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In stock 2
SKU: 7870-L2G-ref
IBM HS22, Intel 4C L5520 2.26GHz, 2GB
Compatibility: 7870-CTO/7870-AC1/68Y8185/68Y8029/59Y5669/59Y5667/59Y5587/49Y5124/49Y5118
SKU: 8872-2RG-ref
SKU: 8853-K1G-ref
IBM HS21 BladeCenter QC 2.33GHZ 4GB
SKU: 7979-CTO-ref
Compatibility: 7979-AC1/46M7131_MB/46M7130_MB/60Y0852_MB/44E5081_MB/44W3324_MB/44W3328_MB
SKU: 8670-L1X-ref
IBM x345, 2 Gb mem
SKU: 7945-AC1-ref
Compatibility: 7945-CTO/00AM528/81Y6625/90Y4784/69Y5082/00D3283/00D3284/69Y5698/00D4062
SKU: 7946-CTO-ref
IBM x3550 M2, Configured to order
Compatibility: 7946-AC1
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In stock 2
SKU: 7995-HVG-ref
IBM HS21, 2*Xeon 4C E5450 3.0GHz, 4GB
Compatibility: 7995-G6G/7995-EHG/43W4015_MB/46C5099_MB/43W1110_MB/46C5143_MB/7995-CTO/7995-AC1
SKU: 7947-CTO-ref
IBM x3650 M2 Configure to order
Compatibility: 69Y4507/43V7072/81Y6624/49Y6512/49Y6498
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In stock 1
SKU: 7945-CTO-ref
IBM x3650 M3 - Configured to order
Compatibility: 00AM528/81Y6625/90Y4784/69Y5082/00D3283/00D3284/00D3283/69Y5698/94Y7614
 Ex. sales tax
In stock 5
SKU: 7870-CTO-ref
IBM HS22 - Configured to order
Compatibility: 68Y8186/81Y9486/68Y8140/00JY734
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In stock 5
SKU: 7233-AC1-ref
IBM System x3850 M2 Configure To Order
Compatibility: 7233-CTO
 Ex. sales tax
In stock 1
SKU: 7978-CTO-ref
Compatibility: 60Y0859/44E5082/7978-AC1
SKU: 4368-AC1-ref
IBM x3200 M2 Configure To Order
Compatibility: 4368-CTO/44E7312
SKU: 8670-31X-ref
IBM x345, 4x2,40GHz
SKU: 7978-KMG-ref
IBM X3550 E5410 2.33GHz/1333 MHz 2x6 L2
Compatibility: 7978-CTO/7978-AC1
SKU: 7912-AC1V1-ref
IBM DX360 M4 Configure To Order
Compatibility: 7912-CTOV1/00J6086/00J6104/00J6085/7912-FT1
SKU: 7376-AC1-ref
IBM x3620 M3 Configure To Order
Compatibility: 7376-CTO/81Y6746_MB/69Y1101_MB
SKU: 7945-J2G-ref
IBM x3650 M3, 6C X5650 2.66GHz, 12GB, M5015, 1PSU
Compatibility: 69Y5082
SKU: 7945-K2G-ref
IBM x3650 M3, Xeon E5507 4C 2.26GHz/800MHz
Compatibility: 59Y3529
SKU: 7985-5AU-ref
IBM x3655, Opteron 2C 2.6GHz, 2x512MB RAM
Compatibility: 7985-AC1/7985-CTO/7985-FT1/43W7343
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In stock 1
SKU: 7233-5RG-ref
IBM x3850 M2, 2 x 6C E7450 2.4GHz/9MB
SKU: 7233-6RG-ref
IBM x3850 M2, 2 x 6C Xeon X7560 2.66GHz
SKU: 8737-CTOV2-ref
IBM x240 V2 Configure To Order
Compatibility: 00AE553/8737-AC1V2/8737-FT2
SKU: 7944-AC1-ref
IBM x3550 M3 Configure To Order
Compatibility: 69Y5082/00AM528/7944-CTO/81Y6625/90Y4784/00D3283/00D3284/00D3283/69Y5698
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SKU: 7945-K3G-ref
IBM x3650 M3, Xeon 4C E5620 2.4GHz, 8GB, M5014
Compatibility: 7945-D2G/7945-AC1/7945-CTO/81Y6625_MB/59Y5082_MB/90Y4784_MB/00AM528_MB
SKU: 7147-CTO-ref
Compatibility: 7147-AC1/81Y8964/47C2454/44X3383/88Y5869/44X3383/44X3382
 Ex. sales tax
In stock 7
SKU: 2583-CTO-ref
IBM x3250 M4 - Configured to order
Compatibility: 2583-AC1/00AL958/00D3729/00D8551/81Y7073/00Y7577/69Y5154
SKU: 7863-10X-ref
IBM Flex 240 Compute Node
Compatibility: 95Y4788/95Y4790/94Y4869
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In stock 4
SKU: 7995-G4G-ref
IBM HS21 XM, 4C E5430 2.66GHz, 1GB RAM
SKU: 7995-G3G-ref
IBM HS21XM, E5420 4C 2.5GHz, 2GB RAM
SKU: 7875-CTO-ref
IBM HS23 - Configured to order
Compatibility: 00AE745/81Y9386/46C9189/46C8183/00Y4887/7875-AC1/7875-FT1/00AE761
SKU: 7915-CTO-ref
IBM x3650 M4, Configured to order
Compatibility: 7915-AC1/00Y8499/00Y8457/00MV221/00MV220/00W2671/00Y8494/7915-FT1/00D2888
 Ex. sales tax
In stock 5
SKU: 7979-5AG-ref
IBM System x3650 2x DC Xeon 5140 2,33GHz 4GB SFF
Compatibility: 7979-AC1/7979-CTO/46M7131_MB/46M7130_MB/44E5081_MB/69Y0852_MB
SKU: 7143-CTO-ref
IBM - X3850 X5 CTO
Compatibility: 7143-AC1/88Y5422_IOBD/88Y5351_MB/88Y5900_MB/88Y5892_IOBD/88Y5888_MB/88Y5387_MB/88Y5880_IOBD/88Y5889_IOBD
SKU: 8852-CTO-ref
IBM BladeCenter H CTO
Compatibility: 8852-4TX/8852-4SX/8852-AC1/8852-FT1/8852-4TG/25R5780/8852-4SX
SKU: 2805-MC5-ref
IBM 2805 System Storage Productivity Center
SKU: 4194-74G-ref
IBM x3250 M2, 4C X3350 2.66GHz, 2GB, 2.5" Bay
SKU: 7969-AC1-ref
IBM x326M Configure To Order
Compatibility: 7969-CTO/7969-FT1/42D3619_MB/42D3625_MB
SKU: 7382-CTO-ref
IBM x3300 M4
Compatibility: 7382-AC1/00AK852/00MW037/81Y7047
SKU: 7377-CTO-SFF-ref
IBM x3630 m3 Configured To Order
Compatibility: 7377-AC1-SFF
SKU: 7979-L2G-ref
IBM x3650, 4C L5420 2.5GHz, 2GB, 1 x PSU
SKU: 7141-CTO-ref
Compatibility: 43W8670_MB/43W8671_IOBD/44E4582_IODB
SKU: 7945-K4G-ref
IBM x3650 M3, 2x6C X5650 2.66GHz, 16GB, M5015, 2PS
Compatibility: 69Y5082
SKU: 5460-AC1-ref
IBM x3650 M4 HD Configure To Order
Compatibility: 5460-CTO/00AL055
 Ex. sales tax
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SKU: 7042-CR4-ref
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SKU: 7913-FT1-ref
IBM iDataPlex DX360 M4 Configure To Order
Compatibility: 7913-CTO/7913-AC1
SKU: 7914-CTOV2-ref
IBM x3550 M4 Configure To Order v2
Compatibility: 7914-AC1V2/00Y8375/01GR493/00W2445/00AM544
SKU: 5463-CTO-ref
IBM x3550 M5 Configure To Order SFF
Compatibility: 5463-AC1/00KF629/00MU647/00MV248/00MV249/01GT442/01KN184/01GT573/00YJ434
 Ex. sales tax
In stock 3
SKU: 7978-Z0X-ref
IBM x3550 DC 3,00GHz 4GB RAM
Compatibility: X3550
SKU: 7978-ZKF-ref
IBM x3550 DC 3,00GHz, 4GB RAM
Compatibility: X3550
SKU: 7915-CTOV2-ref
IBM x3650 M4 Configure To Order v2
Compatibility: 7915-AC1V2/00AM209/00MV219/00Y8473/7915-FT2
Showing 1-60 of 165 items

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