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SKU: UCS-CPU-E52609B-ref
CISCO 2.50 GHz E5-2609 v2/80W 4C/10MB Cache/DDR3 1333MHz
Compatibility: E5-2609V2/SR1AX/00Y2779/718362-B21
SKU: UCS-CPU-E52650-ref
CISCO Cisco 2.00 GHz E5-2650v2/95W 8C/20MB Cache/DDR3
SKU: A01-X0105-ref
CISCO Cisco Intel Xeon X5650 - 6core 2.66Ghz 12Mb 6.4
SKU: A01-X0115-ref
CISCO Intel Xeon X5690 3.46GHz /6c/130W/12MB cache/DDR3
Compatibility: SLBVX/81Y5960/X5690
SKU: UCS-CPU-E52640D-ref
CISCO Xeon E5-2640V3 8C 2.6GHz 20MB 90W Processor
Compatibility: 0NTT91/338-BFCO/E5-2640 V3/SR205=/00AE688
SKU: UCS-CPU-E52670D-ref
CISCO 2.30 GHz E5-2670 v3/120W 12C/30MB Cache/DDR4 2133M
Compatibility: E5-2670V3/SR1XS/762450-001/00AE684
SKU: UCS-CPU-E52680B-ref
CISCO 2.80 GHz E5-2680 v2/115W 10C/25MB Cache/PC3 1866Mh
Compatibility: E5-2680 V2/SR1A6
SKU: UCS-CPU-E52698D-ref
CISCO 2.30 GHz E5-2698 v3/135W 16C/40MB Cache/DDR4 2133M
Compatibility: E5-2698V3/SR1XE/00KJ035/CM8064401609800
SKU: UCS-CPU-E52699D-ref
CISCO 2.30 GHz E5-2699 v3/145W 18C/45MB Cache/DDR4 2133M
Compatibility: E5-2699V3/7095106/SR1XD/1F03K
SKU: UCS-CPU-E52697E-ref
CISCO 2.30 GHz E5-2697 v4/145W 18C/45MB Cache/DDR4 2400M
Compatibility: E5-2697V4/SR2JV/00YD968/BX80660E52697V4/CM8066002023907
CISCO UCS Blade Server M6 GPU HW GRID 2.0SW reqd for VDI
SKU: SR3TR-ref
CISCO Xeon Gold 6144 8C 3.5GHz 24.75MB 150W
Compatibility: UCS-CPU-6144
Showing 1-12 of 12 items

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